ACSS-3303 Grey-Black Sports Shoes (Sneakers)

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The most Steezy choice of shoes, are designed in Allen Cooper. While producing we keep three things in mind ; Durability, Comfort ability & Trend. 

These pair of Grey-Black Sneakers are especially designed to match the latest Fashion.

It will fit to the foot, increased toe cap will furnish effectual safety to your tip-toe.

The Product has good ventilation performance to prevent injuries effectively.

"Material has adopted Mesh material which absorbs sweat, so it is hard to steam, and the smell of the foot is also less likely to bother you."

The tough Rubber Sole and Lace-Up Pattern gives it the vogue look.

Thicken heel design, ease the impact of landing. The insole with a soft memory material allows you to feel comfortable in walking and running.

These Grey-Black Sports shoes manufactured to match your feet perfectly with various technologies like; Arch support technology, non-slip and wear resistant technology. 

It will be perfect on your attire. 

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